SA, and what is going on

This is me deleting this … a bridge too far.

Based on a “certain amount of political discussion”.

I agree.


I’m going to bed.

Ok, here is my take: We need a medal for those leaders who changed things and moved things on for the benefit of all. (Does this forum have any medals/stars that can be given to these candidates?)
My two candidates are FW de Klerk and de Ruyter.
FW de Klerk waited until an ideal opportunity to present itself and then called for a general election for all citizens in SA. This caught the struggle movements off guard since they believed this move was never going to happen. But this produced the change that was required and feared and we are now dealing with that fateful step. It also has hastened the rise and fall of the ANC whose policies are clearly not working as they believed they would.
De Ruyter put up his hand to accept the top job in Eskom. This was a difficult job since his hands were tied in being able to deal with Eskom’s challenges as he was trained to in the private sector. But he persevered and revealed the rot in the organisation for all to see. This has called the bluff of those not wanting to face the music…

I’m awake now.

I am deeply… DEEPLY… concerned about material that says that this thing, which I will not mention so a search engine does not index me saying this, was “better”. Look, I get it, in order to get attention you have to say things that are a little offensive (or maybe a lot offensive), and that is no more true than it is in clickbait titles.

Saying those things are offensive nevertheless. It’s incendiary.

Here is my concern. In watching the video, and nowhere does he actually say the tagline. That is one way of INTERPRETING the content, and that is precisely my issue with it. If you watched the video, and that is all you heard… my friend, you have to check your biases.

Now, who are the people passing this video around to their friends? Do you want to sit in the circle of the scornful with them? (yes, that’s a literary reference).

I’m on the borderline of thinking this discussion should not be had here. We allow a certain amount of political discussion when it comes to energy. I think this goes too far.