Rocket Stove Bread Oven

For those idling away their time in bored isolation:
A rocket stove is a well known highly efficient use of wood.
Here is a South African designed bread oven that I found interesting. (No affiliation).
I believe it is quite affordable if you have use for it, and easy enough to replicate.
Here is the youtube channel:
and website:


Ooo i am building mine already…lovely idea i saw also in Frorence Italy. Man the baking community there is like victron comm in South Africa! It is so part of thier culture to eat really informal bread with organic shapes
and cheeze toppings and yaa delicious sprinklings . Thanx for sharing. Some bakers there are really famious like coblers and tailors seating in Sarvil Row! Happy times ahead and i am sure my neighbours will appreciate the delicious smells pipping over!

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That is cool. I have seen the Rocket Stoves before, but not an oven.

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Watched the one video where he says that it’s one of the oldest trades in the world: baking, fishing and tax collecting. Had a good laugh from that, and perhaps it’s best that he said Tax collecting rather than that other oldest of old professions… prostitution :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, they try to avoid a bun in the oven.