Resetting settings.xml

On a Venus Pi which was once on a network with a Fronius, I tried to delete /data/conf/settings.xml and reboot in the hope that settings.xml would be rebuilt without the Fronius but it returned. I cannot find where the Fronius is being stored.


Adding to that, on the Rpi Venus I want to know where I can delete the existing WiFi connections so that the Venus software can search for it again. I don’t have the option to “forget” coming on the screen.

In the GUI, you can simply select that Fronius to not be shown.


The other thing to check, is this one:


Otherwise it will just scan and find it again. And it uses a new multicast UDP scan nowadays which means it finds it very very quickly.

Also, make it forget the IP address of the datamanager:


And finally… remember that a file is only deleted once the last process that had it open closes that file, which means that file is only physically deleted once localsettings is terminated (usually when you reboot). But… venus doesn’t just overwrite that file. For safety it writes a new file, and then renames that file OVER the old settings.xml. That makes it impossible (or very unlikely) that an interruption or bug of some sort causes settings.xml to only be half-written. But it also means that when you delete settings.xml… localsettings quite hapilly puts it back into place a little later simply by writing a new one and linking it into the original location :slight_smile:

The proper way to delete settings.xml is to first stop localsettings, eg:

svc -d /service/localsettings
rm /data/conf/settings.xml
shutdown -r now

On the next reboot you will have a clean settings.xml with nothing in it.


Ps. Auto scan already disabled and not listed to set not to show.