Replace CCGX in VRM - Solved

Hi All,

Weather intervention blew Ethernet Port on my CCGX. Have installed new one, firmware updated, all configs done.

Linked new CCGX in VRM under my account and went thru the sequence of replacing CCGX on my existing installation, rebooted CCGX etc - doesn’t seem to have worked

New install hasn’t been linked to my old installation and all updates are only showing on the new install, no historical data.

The VRM id on my old install looks “odd” in that it has additional explanatory text…?
“fxxxxxxxxxxxx - USEDASREPLACEMENT”

Anyone have any insights


Sounds like you followed the steps on VRM of replacing a install with a new one.

Did you enable logging to VRM on the CCGX under : Settings-> VRM online portal?

Hi, CCGX logging to VRM is on… followed steps as outlined in docs and VRM section on replace GX


Solved - Deleted installation and re-added