Reed switch for water meter

Does anyone know where I can find a T-Probe reed switch used to count pulses on volumetric water meters?

Any leads will be great!

Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 14.58.58
Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 14.58.23

Microrobotics sells some models. Just check on their site.

Dankie Jaco

I wasn’t able to find the one above, they seem to be quite elusive.

I have a suspicion that if you buy a garden variety reed switch that goes with a security system (the magnet+sensor you mount on doors), and you removed the little glass tube with the reed in it, wrapped it in a bit of heat shrink or similar, and just shoved it down the hole… it would likely work just fine.

Good idea, thanks.

These reed switches are pretty cheap so worth the shot.

Seems like this is your only option for the original:

Otherwise, this should do:

Or you could just go with heatshrink.

The one on is where I got the picture. Elster Kent (Honeywell) makes these water meters so I have also reached out to them.

Will probably have to use these from RS or the altered ones like @plonkster suggested.

Thanks for all the suggestions

Dewan, Plumbing Supplies in Queenswood Pretoria sells a locally made reed switch sensor for the ASM plastic water meter for R125. Their number is 012 333 0910/0922. Just take note that these meters give two pulses per liter and you will have to half the pulses with a flip-flop IC to get the correct digital display.

Correction: LJR Plumbing Supplies

Thanks @Adriaan, much appreciated! I’ll just count the pulses and do processing afterwards.

Sorry to resurrect this… does anybody know how to open this water meter box?

I’m also interested in seeing whether my meter has a hole for a reed switch (and what it is), but can’t get the bloody thing open.


In the last pic right bottom corner, you can see a pry tool going in. The cover has clips at both ends (see the corresponding holes in the bottom part. Usually you can just pull the cover and manipulate the plastic and it should release.

Yeah, I saw that. And jammed a screwdriver in there but couldn’t get it to budge.

Don’t know how much I need to worry about a “special key” (According to the Davis & Deale webpage)?

You got a beer , I’ve got a hammer and chisel, and worst case, a grinder. :smile:

Just joking.