Recycling all our stuff:

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@Richard_Mackay if The Economist joined as a member the post might be understandable but now just looks like a random post. Indicating your own thoughts around the topic/article might be better and conducive to discussion?

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It’s a subscriber only article. I know that I can sometimes find this article on one of the webpage sites but don’t think it’s necessary. The article is a plug for the newspaper anyway.
Their articles are from a world perspective so I can’t provide much input given my parochial standpoint.

@Richard_Mackay - Sadly I have edited the post for this exact reason. Plagiarism and against forum policy. Please only provide links to articles.

Looks like I’ll have to ask permission from The Economist to paste this advert on our forum…
Meantime can I be more direct as to why I posted this:
The RE journey that we are embarking on is not only for our personal benefit.
There’s the perception in SA that the holy grail is to install a system that allows one to be totally independent. Typically this is an off grid setup. That’s all fine and dandy but it doesn’t fit with the big picture of the direction of the RE journey.
Likewise with recycling. Everything that we manufacture needs to be able to be successfully recycled if we are to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable world. Recycling is in its infancy and we need a world vision to tackle it.

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Probably O/T but

that blurb is probably from email marketing giving a snippet of “if you were a subscriber you can read in more detail about blah blah”. I highly doubt it is the case here but forum owners may also need to look at policy around posting affiliate links.

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Curious why you say grid independence/full off grid does not fit with the direction/journey of renewable energy?

Thanks @Village_Idiot - We have discussed the issue before and let’s rather err on the side of caution. Especially with the amount of “fake news” etc floating around. The expectation of at least a “supporting/reference link” to the article/source supporting your own views is where we are now.