Reasonable Priced energy meter

I am looking for a reasonable 3ph energy meter that can do logging. I had a look at some data loggers but at 40k that way more than what I am willing to spend.
Any recommendations?
I had a look at the Victron Energy Meter ET340 but assume that I will need at least a CCGX?

I use Single phase recorders, R4500 each, have a bunch of them. I use 3 of them on a three phase site.
I use an excel spreadsheet and copy the data into it. The spread sheet then calculates the day time and night time usage for each phase and spit out how many panels i need to cover day time usage as well as how many panel I need to recharge my night time usage. It also tells me how many batteries I need to cover the average night time usage. I normally record for 2 weeks before I offer a quote to the client. The spread sheet also tells me the max peak per phase.

It took me close to a week to get the spreadsheet to give me all the details I want.

I guess a ET and Venus is cheaper, but with the recorder above, you don’t have to disconnect anything, you just use the CT’s and clamp it around the cable and you are not limited to the 100A rating of the EM so for bigger installation’s with current draws of above 100A, these above works nice.

You need a GX device for the logging to VRM, yes. In my case I have a single phase installation with the ET112 meter. I then have a RS485 to USB cable that goes to a RaspberryPi running the VenusOS. In my case I had the Pi lying around, so it made sense.


As @fredhen said if you already have a Raspberry Pi then you only need a USB-RS485 cable (~R100) and the ET112 (~R1200). This is how I did my measurements for a few months.
Even buying a Pi3 will only set you back ~R700, so that total R2000

Paul. Shelly EM and if it’s 3ph Shelly EM3. Bunch of my friends have imported twice the last 7 weeks. We do a bunch order and split the shipping and every person pay there import tax on there products. Go check the web site:

and the pro:

First bunch of stuff @Willemt imported for the guys. He is running the EM and @Langou is running the EM3

Second bunch of stuff that was imported by one of my friends

Where do you guys order from - directly from

I’m anxious to get my hands on a couple too. Anybody in Pretoria want to order along with me?

You forgot but the Pi Zero WH (R300) is even cheaper and has the full 40 pin header.
I have both a rasp Pi en and USB-RS485 cable, what software do you use? Is there anything opensource? Wrote some python comms for a daly BMS a few weeks back so even the comms spec would be sufficient. I would not mind buying a ET112 if I know there is an easy way to extract the data.

The have a online shop. Al there stuff are been ship via DHL.

Sorry, perhaps I should have mentioned (and the reason why the pi zero does not work) is that you install Victron’s Venus OS. All the data is logged to the VRM cloud for free. And when you upgrade to a Victron inverter your site is already up and running.
You can run VenusOS on anything from a Pi2 and up, but the Zero use the same chip as the Pi1 so is not supported.

If you don’t want to wait the Shelly is on special at Takealot for R250

Normal shelly is a bit limited.

Most of my lightboxes are 2 gang, so the Shelly 2.5 is what I’m really after.
Either that of the Shelly dimmer.
Or the Shelly EM.

I just received 5x Sonoff mini 2-way (R2) switches. They are DIY ready and nice and small.
Worked out R142 per mini (R600 + R110 shipping) on Banggood

My next wishlist item is this ESP8266 based 4-way relay that looks supported in ESPHome

This look like one way to go and at R 2100 it seems to be reasonable.

So if I have an extra Color Control and the ET112 , I assume I should still get 3x Ct’s ?

Apologies will this give you the data per phase?

The ET112 is single phase. You need to get the 3 phase ET340 model

LOL , yes also looking at it. Only one thing is that it is rated at 63a , 150 would be better :slight_smile:

63A per phase
190A in total.