Quattro, lightning, Error 24, overload, low battery

So we had a lightning storm last night and I took my Quattro “offline”

Quattro powered off, Cerbo off, AC-in breaker off, loads changeover switched to Eskom, breaker for electric fence and outdoor circuits off.

We got pinged while everything was isolated and switched off, i’m guessing on the electric fence (energizer is toast) - no other damage discovered as yet .

Quattro turns on, but kicks out overload, low battery alarms and then shuts down - No loads and nothing wrong with battery/BMS…

Checking Alarm logs, initially got an error 24 followed by overload and low battery

Seriously :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I would disconnect the cables from the output of Quattro and check if the fault happens when you turn all on.
If it doesn’t, then you have an electrical fault down the line from the inverter causing it to short.
If its still happening, then you have a faulty Quattro.

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Thanks for the suggestions @Bobby

No loads connected to Inverter - everything in the house is normal on Eskom/Gennie

Will go thru the motions but i’m not hopeful

At my house the cerbo got hit through the connection to the energy meter. And then a lot of the lan networked things connected to the cerbo got fried.

I have since isolated the lan network side from the solar stuff to prevent it happening in future… So even though the electrical side is properly isolated with surge arrestors, the lan network side can easily cause issues.

So I hope it didnt come in through your lan network and break something in your quattro.

Yeah, been there, done that about 2 years ago… Cerbo was off and isolated, LAN all good. Cerbo is working perfectly, just the Inverter, powered off and isolated (or so I thought) somehow was affected :confounded:

That is very very strange…

My thoughts exactly… :thinking:

No surge suppressors or anything around the inverter output? They can fail to short circuit on a surge.

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Did you remove the cable from AC-out inside the inverter, and test the inverter completely disconnected? No blown surge arrestors?

Also unplug the VE.Bus cable going to the Cerbo.

If inverter fails to switch on with everything (except its DC supply) disconnected, then you have a damaged inverter.

Remember that even a long cable connected to the inverter can pick up a lightning strike, because the EMP generated by a nearby strike will induce a current (and therefore a voltage) in any conductor in the immediate vicinity. Of course, the job of the surge arrestor is to “short circuit” this surge and keep it below some save voltage, often blowing itself up in the process.

Not on Inverter output - have SPD on Eskom line to main DB but all good on that end

@plonkster, thanks for your thoughts

Have already removed Inverter and dropped off at supplier