Quattro inverter into overload when grid fails

I have a victron quattro with pylontech batteries running since 2019. Recently this year and also very sporadic when the grid fails i get an overload . When this happens its normally round 4am and my power draw is 450 watts. My batteries is ten at about 60% SOC. So there is ample power in the bank to handle 450watts. What can be the cause

On the Multiplus there used to be an overload error that was fixed by a firmware update. It was while operating grid-tied. Have you ensured that the firmware of your Quattro is up to date?

First thing to do… Update to latest firmware (on the Quattro). There was a known issue before 472, and minor improvements even after that.

Yes that sounds exactly like the issue I had with the mutiplus II that was fixed by a firmware update.

Thanks for the advice. I am on version 476 on the quottro. I did ask around about a firmware update. One guy told me that the firmware update will make my inverter more noisy. Not sure why just concerned about this. Anybody experienced the same issue?

I would definitely update the firmware as I know of a few people who had this issue which was resolved by the firmware updates. The firmware release notes shows fixes in 478 & 481 related to overloads.

That was also fixed in 489 if it’s the same issue

• Fix small PLL issue introduced in xxxx483 which in some cases can cause audible noise.

I still get occasional overloads when loadshedding starts (not every time) even on the latest firmware. I think we discussed it some time ago and it came down to how the grid goes down during loadshedding or something along those lines.

In my case it’s always the same where if it happens I get an overload warning a couple of seconds before the grid lost warning:

What are your grid settings currently?