Quattro II is out

Only 5KVA for now.

Basically two Multiplus-II 48/5000 in a box. Excellent fit for ESS + generator backup.

I don’t see why anyone would buy this over the old Quattro. Seems more like a 2 input Multiplus.

The old Quattro was also a two-input Multiplus. You can achieve the functions of a Quattro by using two Multipluses.

This one has the anti-islanding capabilities of the Multiplus-II, meaning that it will be allowed in ESS configurations without external equipment. It is also technically capable of being certified for grid-tied use without external equipment (actual ZA cert coming soon I hope), whereas the previous one wasn’t due to hardware limitations.

If you wouldn’t buy a Multiplus-II over an old Multiplus, then the same would be true here.

What’s nice about the Quattro ( & II) with ESS is that you can use different grid-code options for the inputs. So you put your generator on input 1 with a “I’ll take anything you can give me” setting, and the very polite “ooh, what a nice waveform you have” setting on input 2 for the grid.


Released sooner than expected. Was on a call with Victron SA a few months ago and they mentioned that this will be launched. Blabbering on about no timelines for the release and all sorts on the design and components etc…. Meh

Wonder how long the old style will survive still?

Aaand reduced the feed and max AC input from 100A to 50A on the 5K unit….


Yeah that matches the MP-II. The 8KVA & 10KVA MP-II both have the 100A capability, so I’m confident it will return in the Quattro-II versions.

And I guess i and ii cannot be combined….


Other advantages of this over the first gen Quattro is improved inverter self consumption (For the 5kVA version 35W vs 18W) and slightly better claimed max efficiency (95% vs 96%)

Sadly inverter self consumption and efficiency is often overlooked, I loved seeing that video @plonkster posted showing how much energy was wasted powering a light bulb from a el cheapo Mecer vs a Multi.

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Osborne effect

I guess in many cases for 5k MP II owners it will come down to price.

I have an MP II 5k so I can either buy one more and connected them in parallel (around 30k and get 10kva or 8Kw which is ok for an average household) and with that done there is a backup in case one of the multies fails.

It is definitely neater having one device but as I said, it all comes down to the price :slight_smile:

What I see … there we go, 2nd hand Victron equipment coming on the market for a steal!!! :laughing:

Hey, looking for an 8k unit secondhand please :slight_smile: no seriously….


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It will all come down to pricing in the end.
Multi II vs Quattro II, how much money is a second AC input worth to you in a grid tied setup, R10k, R20k, R30k?

This from a Mech Eng and stand to be corrected but… MultiPlus ii’s seem to be built less robust e.g. smaller terminals, move to higher freq (less robust but more efficient) tech, etc…

Pray tell, how?

You can do some pretty neat things using the VE.Bus System Configurator software (the full one, not the Quick Configure).

You decide which kind of system you want to build i.t.o. phases and AC inputs. So a Quattro would be similar to a single-phase system with two AC inputs:


You then use the tool to assign Multis to the different slots you created.

You’d need to take special care that you don’t short your inputs together, assuming they’re coming from generator and mains. Relay assistant config or virtual input config would work. In the multiple-input case you would also only be able to charge from a single input at a time (otherwise you short them on the output side).

A screenshot from a Victron webinar a while back:

You can do some pretty cool setups using multiple Multis/Quattros, and you can also add in just a charger as well if you’re primarily concerned with charging from a generator.

The Quattro is obviously better for the cases it has been designed for as everything is self-contained and the safety features are built-in. But a Quattro isn’t better than a Multi, unless you use those extra features. :slight_smile:


It would be interesting to see if the Quattro II is more like a Quattro or more like a MultiPlus II.

The original Quattro and MultiPlus do seem to be over-engineered from the mechanical side. Suppose it’s tricky to organise a replacement when you’re stuck on a boat somewhere. :slight_smile:

The original MPs are still on sale (more expensive than MP-II, or rather MP-II is cheaper) after a couple of years of MP-II’s existence, so I expect the Quattro will remain available as long as people keep buying them.

This. Is. Awesome.

Yeah, one thing I didn’t mention above… If you use two MP-IIs in parallel with ESS, you can split their inputs, configure one with ESS ZA grid code and LOM, the other without. Make very sure you can’t connect both via a suitably interlocked changeover switch and stick your generator on input 2. You’d double your inverter power while passthrough and charging would be a single MP.

But… that’s a Quattro.

Pricing doesn’t look too bad vs MP-II 48/5000 (Q3 list)

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Definitely more like the MP2.