Quattro Charge State Indication - FW Battery BMS

Hi All

Just a a quick question regarding the charge state indication of the Quattro.

Using the FW BMS setup via Cerbo CAN. From Cerbo status the battery shows full but the Quattro state still shows Absorption. In fact I have never seen the Quattro show Float. I suppose its not really an issue since the FW BMS is the master, but still not sure why it would not be synced.

Will the Quattro ever show Float whilst using an external BMS?

Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 19.29.33

Float is a lead-acid thing. Once the battery is over 85% full you lower the charge voltage and you take it slow the last 15% or so, to reduce unnecessary offgasing and boiling off electrolyte. This is simply not an issue with LiFePO4, although in some systems (not this one) it does reduce the charge voltage after a while.

In Lithium systems that use a lower “float”, the reason is simply that it needs the higher voltage to do balancing, but the lower voltage is better for longer cell-life.

FreedomWon doesn’t do this, and hence the whole 4-stage charging thing simply does not apply.