Pylontech US5000 cable lengths

Have 9 US5000 in one stack and they feed using two parrellel cable sets to Busbar, I want to add 3 more, if I split them in to two groups of 6 and use two parrellel cable sets to Busbar. The additional 3 in a seperate rack + 3 off orignal will have different lengths of cables I assume this will not matter as the BMS controls charge/discharge to Batteries/cells.

It won’t matter as much as it does for Lead Acid, but one bank is still going to work a little harder than the other, discharge first, and recharge first too. Best is to try and keep the length at least close to the same.

The BMS cannot control charge/discharge distribution between parallel modules and will not be able to counter any issues introduced by differing cable lenghts. On the Pylontech the BMS is module-level in any case.

Also, check the documentation. I recall vaguely that for that many modules, you may need a LV-hub device to join the two stacks together on the CAN-bus.

Up to 16 for the US5000 :wink:

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Thanks for the replies, Max 16 modules on can bus.