Pylontech US3000c RS458 cable for reading correct SOC on Axpert inverter

Good morning energy talk.

My mom has installed a Meccer/Axpert King (Model Name SOL-I-AX-5KP) with 2 Pylontech US3000c batteries.

I have 3 issues that I cant get working:

1.What is the correct jumper setting for the master battery as they are all upside down. So what should it be in order for the RS458 Cable to the inverter to read the correct SOC ?

2.What are the correct pinouts for the US3000c to the Inverter side ?

  1. What are the correct pinouts for the RS232 console port as these batteries have RJ45 connectors ( My US2000 batteries has RJ11 connectors.

So long story short as I said this is for my mom. I have an Axpert king installed with 8 x US2000c batteries at my house and I have no issue at all. I tried my cables and obviously the console cable will not work because of the RJ45 instead of RJ11 connector. But now why doesn’t my Inverter to RJ458 works?

At this stage I would just like to have the correct jumper settings, Pinout for the RS458 battery side and the ups side.

Then I can set the inverter to PYL mode and we can then at least get the correct SOC without the Inverter thinking that the batteries are running low.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.