Pylontech US3000B - specs

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I’ve been doing some more research on Pylontech batteries. I currently have 3 x Pylontech US3000B’s - supplied by @JacoDeJongh :smiley:

I’ve also used them to 80% DoD - however I see a lot of places have conflicting info - stating that their DoD is actually 90% DoD. So which one is correct?

Lastly, at some point I’d like to get another battery. Since I bought my batteries; pricing has come down and thus I’d potentially like to get a UP5000. I think this won’t work well due to different DoDs and capacity of the other 3 batteries. Would I be correct in that thinking? That it would be better to just add another US3000 instead?

Thanks all

I have one in my bank with us3000s and a us2000. The discharge indications are a bit confusing. Pylontech has not yet confirmed that its safe to use US5000 with other Pylontech batteries. I am doing it in my own installation although there is doudt in my mind if I am doing the right thing.

90% is correct, but be careful, the fine print states, if you discharge lower than 20% during the warranty period, you might loose the warranty. I would stick to a minimum of 20% if i were you.

Thanks for that @JacoDeJongh - I think it might be best for me to rather get another US3000 series battery when the need arises. Not sure if it’;s “worth it” at the moment though.

About the DoD - I might have voided the warranty already in that case… batteries went to 6% and shut off by themselves last year when I had a fault in the system that caused the batteries to reach that level. Inverter was not configured correctly. :frowning:

Such is life I guess.

I do apologise, there is a new document that came out after my last enquiry.

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To my knowledge that is acceptable, as long as you are not discharging them below 20% on a daily basis…

Okay, but then you’d loose 15% SoC not so. As I assume you could not drain the bank to 95% SoC of the UP5000 offers, since the US3000s don’t offer that?

No, daily they go down to around 26% SoC - the cut off limit is 23% before the system will switch to utility.

I’ll keep it at 20% SoC to be safe.

Thanks @JacoDeJongh

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The 3000c does allow you to go down to 5% as well. The 3000 and 3000c are almost the price so it makes sense to get the 3000c and just not run it down below 20%

I had a bank of 3000 and 3000c and never had any issues.

The issue is that DoD is different between batteries. So you are limited to the battery with the lowest DoD. In this case the B series. Since warranty says 20%. You can’t go lower than that for the bank - even if you have a C type battery.

That’s how I understand it anyway.

I agree. The older batteries will not suddenly allow to be safely discharged further below 20%.

My point was though instead of trying to get another US3000, should rather get the c version and just run it like a 3000. They both cost the same and the lower usage will probably extend the life.

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We’re on the same page there, I concur.

1x US2000 2xUS3000 1xUS3000C and 2xUP5000 in one bank working perfectly. No firmware update done, as is from factory
FYI 2 x cable kits needed


Why 2 cable kits needed? What inverter do you have?

8kw Sunsynk

Thank you @JacoDeJongh for the explaination your knowledge is valued as always

Cable kit is inverter draw dependant upto <5kw one is fine > 5kw two is needed.