Pylontech US3000 vs Us3000C Can Cables

Just as info…

I did my first Installation with US3000C’s last week, crimped my cable as normal, Plugged it in and saw the pylons on the Gx immediately. Then a client phoned and told me he cant see his pylons, he used a “A” cable and I told him, to use a “B” cable, as I know it works. He was very adamant that the documents said that he has to use an A-Cable. The next day I stopped at his place to see what was going on, and found that both the Victron, as well as the Pylon documentation asked for a A-cable. I was very confused, why on earth did a "B"cable work for me? but left it there as I drove about 600km that day and was to tired to try and figure it out.

Today I added a 3000c to a old installation with normal US3000’s. I knew the “C” had to be the master, so I placed him in position and mover the old “B” cable to the new battery and it showed up in the GX.

Driving home after that, this whole thing bugged me a lot and at a robot in JHB, the pin dropped, I started laughing so hard at my stupidity that my helper wanted to leave the vehicle quite quickly, must have thought I finally lost it completely…

I though about the PIn layout of both “A” and “B” Victron cables, and all the Pins are the same, except the Ground wire that changes from Pin 2 to Pin 6 on the battery Side.

So you can use both, the coms still works, just the earth isnt connected. (Not recommended) but it works.



I still think it best to use a type-A. The type-B works because CAN-L and CAN-H is still connected to the right pins, but now the earth is connected to pin 2 instead of pin 6.

On a CCGX or a Venus-GX, this probably makes no difference, since these have isolated CAN-bus ports.

On the others it possibly also doesn’t matter, but the Pylontech documentation does have this ominous warning in it…


So it is probably not necessay to go and redo every single type-B out there, but at the same time, I would start making type-A cables for any new -C batteries :slight_smile:

Also interesting. You said on the phone the DIP switches are reversed? Again, seems you spotted that right… :slight_smile:


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That is just asking for lots of support requests :smiley:

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