Pylontech Us2000 Axpert King help

Hi guys, I have been running my Axpert King on 4 x US2000 batteries for a year until recently I had my installer add 4 extra batteries. Things worked perfectly fine for a couple of days as we had to use the grid to charge the batteries full and haven’t used them so they were basically all in idle as the installer said they needed to balance themselves. Now all of a sudden I get red alarms. I need a technician to assist me in Parkrand Boksburg as I think it might be firmware or other issues. Can someone please call me if you are able to come onsite and give me proper support. 0824908902

My installer is more than a box dropper and I am not that tech savvy if you ask me. I am willing to pay to do it right.

Morning, there is 2 things to keep in mind.

Frimware differences between the old and new batteries might play a role, but I suspect its the fact that you keep them charged. I cant remember the exact timing, But after 48 or 72 hours of being Idle it will raise and alarm. “Internel error” Cycling the batteries even with 1 or 2 percent daily will solve the issue.

Cycling them deeper will result in better balancing, rather than trying to balnce them by keeping them full. (If I understand you correctly)

Thanks for your feedback. What do you suggest I make my back to grid voltage if I need 50%soc incase of loadshedding and then again what should I make the back to discharge voltage then?

Everything Jaco said.

The first thing to do is to cycle the batteries a bit. Ie throw the breaker, let the loads run from the inverter for a bit. See if the error clears.

Some Pylontech batteries does this thing where they raise an Internal Error if there has been no activity for three days.

If the error clears, then you can move on to the second stage of the question, which is how to avoid this in future.

I think a “back to grid voltage” is going to be a very bad idea with Lithium chemistry batteries. They have a very flat voltage curve between 30% and 80%, so 50% (based on voltage) is basically a no-can-do. But even shallow cycling might be sufficient to avoid this error.

Thank you for your advice. You guys helped me quite a bit.

I would buy something like the Solar Assistant and use it to config and control your setup. This will also allow you to change settings remotely and check all info.

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