Pylontech US 3000 One of 2 not charging fully

Good day and greetings from Windhoek. My Mercer sol-i-ax-5P 5Kw and 2 X US3000 batteries were installed in 1st week of Dec 2019. 3 Weeks ago I noticed a problem with the master not charging fully. this week the specific battery is only and keeps charging on 4 when the 2nd and good one is fully charged on 6. What I noticed last night was when the good one was on 6 the bad one was charging on 4 and the 10A charge on the INV would drop to 0A and slowly go up to 10A and the process would start all over at 0A. To me, it looks like a faulty cell. Ellies could not update the FV as it stops at step 4 and would not bring up the dashboard. I do have an Electronic background

Welcome Heinz!

Welcome Heinz :slight_smile:

Are these US3000A/B or US3000C?

Do you have or can you get a cable to connect to them?
(the cables for connect to A/B and C are different)
Software that you need is BattView (I’m sure you can google it and find it somewhere, or maybe @JacoDeJongh @plonkster can assist :slight_smile: )

Here something to start reading

Thanks Bobby for the welcome. Not sure about the Bat version. Being exactly 3 years old I assume it to be A/B. The FV upgrade was done (attempted) by Ellies here in Windhoek via their suppliers in ZA with anydesk. I have pinouts for the RJ11 to RS232 not sure if it is correct. pnouts I have is RJ11 to RS232 2 to 3: 3 to 2 and 4 to 5.

I have downloadedd Bat view 3.024

Danke Schon Richard. Appreciate. Hope I can add value.

Welcome Hein.

Looks like the batt needs some TLC, the cells in that bank are out of balance.

Best case you learn to get them back in line.
Worst case, warranty replacement.

Have a look here: (ignore “Victron”, focus on what their batts are doing and how it was handled.)

And here:

And here: (for the firmware if you want)

Thank you so much for the links. You are a scholar and a gentleman. I will need to get the pinouts for the A/B as it seems that is the Batteries I have. What I have seen is RJ11 to RS232 as 2 to 3; 3-2 and 4 to 5. I will spend some time on the balancing but need to be able to address the comms to the batteries first. Will Ver 3.0.28 work on the A/B Batt version?

@JacoDeJongh your master of information, and guidance.

I agree, seeing what is going on inside is the most critical part to get in place right now.

Hi Et All. Some infro from a Suidwester Solar installer regarding the Mercer 5 KW Inverter. It was set to Ed5. Not EEN! Will only test over the week-end when we are home. Will feedback for sure.

You have lithium batteries. Not sure how the inverter would decide whether to equalise or not? My understand is that as long as the charge voltage is high enough (and not too high) then the batteries will sort themselves out.

Equalisation is for Lead Acid. Please never do it on a Lithium. If you are lucky the BMS simply disconnects. If you are unlucky, a warranty claim gets denied over the many overvoltage events.

Equalisation is a process whereby the voltage is deliberately made very high, so that lead acid batteries are forced to pass current (and bubble their electrolyte) in order to get the lower cells up to full capacity. You would typically use it ONLY with flooded lead acid batteries (the kind where you can take the caps off and add water).

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Hi, Pylontech has come back to me. They send me the following file. BatteryView_us2000b_series_3.0.29 B1.1 I will return to Ellies Windhoek and wire up the US3000 battery as I do not have a cable. this is the instruction from Pylontech and I quote verbatim. Please download and send us the “Event data” and “History data” of the battery by BatteryView software. Thank you all for your kind assistance. Will keep you posted as things unfold. Hein Zehrt

Debugging cables description.pdf (354.6 KB)
Pylontech Low Voltage Battery Mornitoring and Maintenance Tool Guidance V3.0.29.pdf (3.2 MB)

Anybody that can assit with device drivers Please.

Plokster. This very interesting. Thank you.

Finally managed to dl my logs. Please review as I see OV & HV warnings.
US3000A Hein (314.1 KB)