Pylontech UP2500 2.84kWh 24V battery

Item (battery): Pylontech UP2500 2.84kWh 24V battery

Age: 2 Years (order 27-02-2020) from Farmability
Condition: +/-5900 cycles left (used +/-100 cycles out of it)
Location: East London
Shipping: Yes, R250 to JHB or CPT (if it cost more, I’ll pay)

Battery: R12,000 (with pylontech cables included)

Reason for selling: Upgrading to full solar powered home 48V system on Monday, don’t need desktop backup power anymore. It was purely used for home office desktop PC during load shedding

EDIT: Inverter SOLD

Still available

Hi, is this a pure sine wave inverter?

According to Mecer:

" The 2400VA converts DC power into modified sine wave AC power . With 1440 Watt continuous output and compact design, the unit is ideal for running TVs, Stereos, Laptop and Desktop computers and many other home appliances"

Self-deleted. Modified Sine wave.

Those smaller 12V and 24V units are high frequency modified sine-wave inverters. I tested the 1200VA one here.

Edit: Let me just add, at the price listed here for the inverter, it is a good deal. I mean, yes, it is not a very high class inverter… but I’ve seen some of them kicking around for many years. They are quite durable… and who cares if it blows up. They are cheap :slight_smile:

Agree with it all.

Will be used to run fridge/freezer during LS.

It is still available







Inverter SOLD, Battery still up for sale

Will send you a pm

Please check PM @JacoDeJongh

Bump, battery is available

It’s available

Lithium-ion battery is available, waiting for new buyer :slight_smile: