Pylontech Pelio

Looks nice.

Yup, on the radar too. It’s a 16-cell battery.

Interesting video here:

22:38 starts covering an optional Wi-Fi module to be able to use a app to monitor the battery and logs.
Pretty cool at 24:25 that you can customize the sides.
And a nice animated clip at 25:45.

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What does check for Quirk mean… Not Trevor I assume…

Sometimes we have to override default behaviour because the default parameters cause stability issues in some cases (eg the default 53.2V charge voltage for the 15-cell batteries is too high when feeding excess DC-coupled PV into the grid). So a “quirk” is basically the bit of code that adds that exception. Named after the same thing in the Linux kernel: Hardware that works mostly fine, but needs a little tweaking to be stable.


Will this use a Type A BMS cable like the “C” batteries?

It’s in the same general family as the US5000C, so I believe it will use the same cable.

Reviving this thread.

The Pelio does not come up with many ZA hits when researching. It seems pricey but wonder if the premium is worth it. Anyone have any feedback on the Pelio?

It’s essentially a US5000 in slightly more attractive packaging. The premium will be solely for aesthetics.

The spec sheet suggests to me that it is also a 16S battery, versus the 15S of the US series - or am I mistaken?

You know, I shot from the hip earlier. I know that the BMS hails from the US family, but you are probably right. So I revise my earlier statement, the premium is not solely for aesthetics… you get an extra cell in series :slight_smile: