Pylontech Pelio

Looks nice.

Yup, on the radar too. It’s a 16-cell battery.

Interesting video here:

22:38 starts covering an optional Wi-Fi module to be able to use a app to monitor the battery and logs.
Pretty cool at 24:25 that you can customize the sides.
And a nice animated clip at 25:45.

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What does check for Quirk mean… Not Trevor I assume…

Sometimes we have to override default behaviour because the default parameters cause stability issues in some cases (eg the default 53.2V charge voltage for the 15-cell batteries is too high when feeding excess DC-coupled PV into the grid). So a “quirk” is basically the bit of code that adds that exception. Named after the same thing in the Linux kernel: Hardware that works mostly fine, but needs a little tweaking to be stable.