Pylontech not showing charge LEDs correctly

Not sure of this is an issue, a configuration problem or normal behaviour.

I have 3x pylontech batteries, 2 show charge status leds, one doesn’t. They all show a flashing run status led and no alarms.

System appears to be otherwise running normally.

When my inverter is reporting 100% charge, shouldnt all 3 batteries have all their charge LEDs lit?

Is #2 actually on?
Is the 3000 the master battery or the newest on is the top battery?

Very interesting…

I have also noticed in the past on my frankenbank, that the batteries do not show the state of charge lights, even though all were active. Sometimes the 3000C will only flash the run LED, and all the others remain unlit.

If I were you, I would shut down all and restart, to see if the behaviour remains the same.

When a pylontech is full it will go into sleep mode and not show the lights. to test if its the case here . switch off the Supply AC as well as the PV and force the battery to wake up. If all the lights come on, you dont have to worry about the battery. Its normal.

I am worried though, Please take a picture of the Battery cables showing all the batteries from the front. I dont think the wires going to your fuses is connected on the right place.

#2 is on, it’s Run LED is flashing, no errors, and in all other respects, it’s behaving normally with respect to storage and discharge (from what I can tell via my inverter’s stats, a Solis hybrid inverter).

Good observation, the US3000c is not currently the master but should be. @Simon1 please have them change around.

EDIT: Please also get at least 10mm gap between your batteries. Pylons hate heat and touching each other.

Can you eleborate? I did move the CANbus lead from the top unit (US2000C) to the bottom (the US3000C), however I started getting comms issues with my inverter. Is there something else I need to set? All the dip switches are the same on all 3 units, so I figure these aren’t CAN addresses.

Move the Canbus cable to US3000.

Then take out all the small black UTP cables. Replug the first one from Us3000 battery Port1 to Us2000 above him Port0. Then reinsert the second black in the same manner connecting the middle battery to the top one.

Switch off all batteries and switch them back on starting from the US3000 to ensure that It assumes master.

Dont change them, It should be like that.

Let us know things go…

This is also very important to note here. You do get brackets that allows them to be stacked like this while allowing heat to dissipate.

Have reconfigured the CANbus cabling so the 3000 is master and rebooted them all on order.

Inverter is happy, however problem remains.

Figured a video might tell more;

Also, pretty sure mine never came with any spacers. It was installed by an installer, and he left everything, but no spacers. Just cutting up some small spacers, done the top unit, doing some more the others. :slight_smile:

So I have made myself a data cable and connected to the serial interface, and discovered that the unit that is behaving odd had older firmware V1.4 (the other two were V1.7).

I have updated that unit to match, in the hope it restored the correct behavior, however it doesn’t appear to have changed anything, it’s doing the same.

I do now have the ability to pull log files and configuration from the units, if that helps.

Did you find a fix for this Simon ?
I have the same issue and Batteryview reports the soc of the affected module as 0% even though the voltage is around 53v which is almost fully charged.
Tried updating the firmware but no luck.

Contacted pylontech, but haven’t been much help.

I’m starting to think it by design, once a battery is full and not charging or discharging, then it doesn’t show any LEDs.

Nothing in the handbook suggests this however.

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