Pylontech FW Upgrade cable

Hi all.

Need to check some wiring…

I’ve gotten hold of a USB /TFDi / RJ11 cable.
I need to put together a RJ11 → RJ45 adapter.
I got the bits. just need to check which pins on RJ11 goes which pins on RJ45.
I got a RJ45 I can either crimp onto a 4 core cable coming out on the right… or I can Cat5 and crimp some wires into a RJ45 and screw into the connectors. got ways and means, just need to clarify in my head the RJ11 → rj45 pin matchessss
My logic looking at the attached.
RJ11 pin 4 → Gnd → RJ45(pin 8)
RJ11 pin 3 → Tx → RJ45(pin6)
RJ11 pin 2 → Rx → RJ45(pin 3)
if someone can check please.

I really didn’t think that I would be seeing this connector again. Fuck Im old

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figured someone might recognise it and laugh because of their age…


This looks like connection for my type of Pylontech’s…
US3000A/B, right?

Pylontech US3000C.


anyone have a pointer to the Pylontech FW zip file.
That contains the FW for both the US2000 and US3000 batteries.

Believe BatteryViewer will when given the zip file pick the correct bin file.