Pylontech cables

Hi. I have 8x 3000c batteries. Is it possible to run 4 sets of cables on them if they are all connected to one master. My cabinets are full so dont have space for com hub and using can type a.

If the cables are the same length, you can run one set per 2 batteries and connect them to the same place on a busbar or fuse holder and only connect the Rs485 between the batteries to the master. (port 1 form master to port 0 of first slave and repeat till you reach port 0 of the last.

Done it before on Pylons where I have more than one inverter and where 2 cable sets were to small to carry all the current.

Dont need a hub for 8, as a matter of fact, I remember that with the new firmware you can stack 15 or 16 pylons before you need a hub.

And something crazy like 8 hubs can be connected to each port of an 8 port master, allowing something like 64 stacks seen as one bank. (they came a long way and continue advancing) . I cant remember the correct figures but you can currently build massive banks with Pylons.

Perfect thanks :ok_hand:

Yeah, Pylontech’s documentation is (or was, when I checked) behind on this. This I got directly from the horses mouth.

On the first level you can have 6 stacks of 16 batteries each (96 batteries), tied to an LV-hub.

Then on the second level, you can have 5 of these first-level hubs tied into another LV-hub (5 x 96 = 480 modules).

If you use their 4.8kWh modules, that’s a maximum theoretical battery size of 2.3MWh.

You’re only halfway to the first hub… :wink:

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