Pylontech cable

@JacoDeJongh Do you perhaps know the pin out for the RJ11 connector for the console port on the Pylontech batteries? I need to know which pin is ground, Tx and Rx please.

I already have a Prolific PL2303 USB to serial converter and Batteryview.

Pin 5 on the 9 pin serial connector is ground, so that would mean that pin 4 on the RJ11 is ground according to the diagram you posted.

Thanks Stanley.

I have made up a second cable and this one also times out on Batteryview.

@plonkster @JacoDeJongh Do you know if the Venus assumes authority and wont let you communicate on both ports simultaneously?

In the past I had ICC connected to the console port without issue and the Venus on the CAN port and both were able to read data from both ports.

Now I have removed ICC from my system and installed a Victron inverter.

Am I unable to connect to both CAN and console now as the BMS is authoritative over the system?

You can connect to both simultaneously. Unless something changed and I have not caught up yet. The can-bus only sends information OUT in any case. There is no control being asserted from the Venus side. The only thing that the GX device sends out is an empty 0x305 frame, which is only a keepalive. Some battery systems will shut down if they don’t see that keepalive packet… but Pylontech isn’t one of them.

Sorry to resurrect - did you ever get your cable working?

I am experiencing similar painpoints using a pre-made cable that I picked up today - it just times out in BatteryView. The one thing that I noticed is that they (the people who made the cable) connected pin 1 on the RJ11 as well - to the same pin 2 on the 9 pin serial connector. No idea why that was done and whether this could be and issue - I’m going to assume it is :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind, I just figured out that they wired the serial cable wrong. Did one myself and works perfectly now.