Pylontech best practices

I have 4x Pylontech US3000s.
My Min SOC is (in general) set to 20%.

I have a few questions around best practice with these batteries:

  1. Is 20% ok for a minimum?
  2. In general, what happens on a daily basis is:
  • The batteries deplete to 20% overnight, then the grid takes over
  • Around 7am, the panels start generating, and the batteries charge to ~30% before they are even considered by the system to be used.
  • Something heavy will kick in around 9am (maybe a geyser, maybe oven, washing machine, etc). It will require more than the panels are currently generating, so the batteries will be called upon, and they’ll drop to about 25%.
  • Then, they’ll generally charge to 100%, maybe dropping to 90% once or twice during the day to augment the panels for a particularly heavy load.

So, the question is: Is that usage pattern ok, or will it kill the batteries?
It’s really convenient, since I don’t have to think about anything (except loadshedding, where I increase the Min SOC), but you read about “number of cycles in a battery’s lifetime”, and wonder if this pattern disproportionately increases the cycles that have been used?


I have 2x 3000s.

I don’t let them go below 30% if I can…

  • If the weather looks good for tommorrow I leave Min SOC at 30%. Otherwise I shift it to 40 or 50 using node red.
  • If the grid fails when you are around 20% then they will dip below warranty minimum and I don’t want that.


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There’s no problem with going down to 20% overnight, you are probably using the batteries as they’re supposed to be used.

I would however split your DB to take the geyser off the battery load or are you feeding back in to the house total load?

Which inverter do you have?

I would also do the occasional check on the batteries using batterview.exe which connects to the pylontechs, to make sure the cells are balanced and in good shape.

To avoid the 9am power drain, make your DoD 70% so your battereis will only be used later in the day again. So they will deplete to SoC 30% and then recharge with minimal load until tonight again.

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I’m using 3x Victron Multiplus II 48’s, so I control everything through the Victron VRM/Dashboard.

Is DoD essentially just 1 - MinSoC?


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Hey @Padraic just stumbled across this now, where do you download “batterview.exe” and how does it connect to the Pylontech’s? would like to check it out.

it comes off the powerforum site, written by user; Yoda.
Here is a link to download it;

You will also need a cable. PM me your whatsapp number and I will send you the number of a guy who can make one up for you.

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