Pylontech batteries not the same SOC

Good morning all,
I tried to find a similar article so apologies if this was shared before.
I have 2 US2000B and 1 US2000B plus batteries.
1st Issue:
I recently updated my firmware on all of them but in the last month I saw inconsistencies in the SOC.
The master battery (US2000B plus) and the 3rd one is in sync wrt SOC but the middle one is about 20% below the other 2.
How do I align them to be the same SOC?
What I have done: I switched over to GRID after removing the 3 batteries. (Physically removing the cables from the Grid). I then switched them to see if they would automatically align…This did not happen.

2nd Issue:
I see the Battery Watts can spike to past 10k on some days…this I know is also not correct. Is there a way to set it so that it does not spike that high…I don’t think that can be very good for the batteries?

Any help please.