Pylontech 5000 going into fault mode

Have 2 Pylontech 5000’s hooked up to a Sunsynk 12 kW 3 phase, every 3 weeks or so, one of the battery goes into fault mode, both batteries are at same Soc, looking at the green lights, all I do is power down the inverter, switch of the both batteries and switch them on again, and all is good for a few weeks.

do you get any fault information on the sunsynk or it’s portal?

No, nothing on the inverter

Perhaps you could read the pylontech logs with batteryview?

With them being .5C batteries you can never draw more than 4.8kw from them at any given time. With you having a 12kw inverter I am almost certain the alarm is related to some kind of overload. On the Sunsynk inverter please ensure that the max battery discharge current is set to below 100 amps.

In short I guess you are getting a “High Discharge Current” alarm.

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Thanks Jaco, will check