PUP DC Backup (Keep connected in CoCT land)

This forum probably isn’t the best place to advertise a Mini UPS but for most folk keeping your internet going is the most critical item when we have load shedding/power outages.
This is what I offer: https://pupups.co.za/ (however I’m now using LiPo batteries)
These solutions aren’t ‘plug & play’ so Takealot has its problems.
I will customise your unit for the router & WiFi that you have and will deliver & install in the Cape Town area.
Price R850 whilst stocks last…



Hi Richard, I saw that this now has Lithiums in it? Is that correct?
Ah rating please?

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It has 18650 cells in a 4S2P configuration.
The cells are 2000mHh so it’s 4000mAh at 14.8V
Strictly speaking the 7Ah SLA batteries had a higher capacity but they always disappoint one as you well know!

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There must be someone out there during this load shedding stint cursing that they have lost their broadband internet access??

Can I interest you in one of these?? :shushing_face: