Prepaid meter possibly tripping on feed in

Does anyone have experience with the Hexing prepaid meters? Specifically model number HXE115-KP

Does it trip on feedback when the inverter inevitably feeds a few watts back into the grid? If it does, how many watts would cause it to trip?

No details on your exact model, but I have the older HXE110-P model, which worked flawlessly with my Goodwe and now with my Sunsynk inverters occasionally feeding back n bit.

It depends on the setup of the sensitivity of the contractor inside the smart meter.
I saw in one of the PDF’s available online for Hexing Smart meter software one can specify the amount allowed as well as time to feed before tripping.

I am with city power and when they were replacing my old meter because it tripped I had to tell them that I have solar. Then they gave me one with “looser” settings, and didn’t have problems from then.

Also, if the meter trips there is a way (code that you put in) to get it out of protection mode but to my knowledge they used to charge for it.

Pre-Paid / Post-Paid meter is the same…its just a charge settings in the meter (my meter was converted form post to prepaid in a few seconds when the technician came).