Power Supply for D1 & D1 Mini's?

What power supplies do you guys use for the D1 and D1 Minis in your projects.

The D1’s has got the Vin pin so I can feed those directly off the Gate Motor and Alarm Panel, but what about the place where 12 volt is not available or when using the Mini with Max 5 Volt supply.

Normal Cell Charger maybe?

Yes, I normally use 220v to 5v I.P phone power supplies. Let me know when you are in the area again, as I have quite a few available.

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I use any type of 5v charger , speck sheet say it can handle up to 6v. Just make sure when you use vcc that it does not get spikes, memory serve me it is unregulated.

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I am a planning to use the VIN pins on the normal D1. The rated external voltage is 6to20volt DC. I don’t like using more than 12 volt as I have seen parts of the board starting to overheat from about 14 volts.

The D1 mini does not have the Vin pins, so I need a 5 volt supy.

Do you have a spec sheet for a normal (non-mini) D1?

The SKU number of the ones we imported referes to a Node MCU board so i use these specks.

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Ah, OK, cool.
Yeah, I put a D1 mini on my gate motor, used a linear regulator to drop the voltage to 5v. But I think that approach causes too much heat, I’ve lost 2 minis now through overheating. Will replace them with nodemcu and see if I can just power them with the 12v.

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I used a buck converter on my 24v gate motor and so far so good.

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In that regard the D1 Uno is a bit easier to use - since it comes with a standard socket where you can plug in most AC/DC adapters.

It is bigger though.

I used one of these for my geyser temperature monitor and was able to use an existing 12v AC-DC adapter I got with an old HD.


I tend to prefer these to linear regulators. They not suitable for 24v of course, but they work more efficiently at lower voltages