Postponed: 280ah Brand new EVE cells

The ship is heading towards Cpt harbor for docking.

I have a few interested parties for 12v banks, but thought to put it here too, “first option of refusal”. :wink:

For sale would be 16 x 280ah cells for R3500 each, +VAT if I must invoice for a business.

Also have a couple of AP20S003S BMS’es for sale.
They all have the RS485 port added.
And they can do 24v and 48v.
I’m thinking R2500 per BMS, +VAT if I must invoice.

This order is costing a few rands more, higher VAT due to R/$ increase as a result of the shipping being delayed, having to pay a bit extra for storage so that SARS can do an inspection.

Will test each cell first, before shipping on, by top-balancing them, then use them for a couple of days on a 12v system to check that the cells behave as expected.

The warranty is with the supplier.
I’m told that EVE gives 1 year, supplier adds 2 more, but being 1000’s of km’s away, it is a risk.
IF a cell becomes a warranty claim, they will ship a new one at the end buyer’s cost once they agree the cell is a factory fault. Batch Matched eliminates most of that risk, I believe.
Don’t have to send the cell back, I’m told.
… unless there is a 3rd Grouo Buy, then the cell can come with that order.

It appears the next order could be as much as ±R500 more per cell, as the Alibaba prices have increased, the R/$ not good as it was on the previous buys, with the shipping becoming an interesting problem to solve. Will post on the group buy.

12 x 280ah left … assuming EFT is done once I have the cells.

Info in.

EVE has informed our preferred supplier that the cells are going up to $167 per cel in March with no stock on hand currently. I wanted 2 more.

Think I’m going to keep the cells and have 2 x 16 cell 280ah banks.

I am interested in the BMS.
Please contact me. I don’t see anyway to send private message on the forum.

Welcome Ettiene,

Just click on the persons name and you will see the Message Button. It will look like this.

Hi Ettiene, all sold.

If you want, we can order one in for you, are busy with another import via a pal of mine.

But you need to speak up very fast.

Speak to Gerlach.

Jip, @Ettiene drop me a msg. @Louisvdw will the bms work with Sunsynk?

No. My driver only links to Victron systems.

Thanks for the replies guys.
I am in contact with Gerlach to buy one from him.

Can anyone vouch for him? :grinning:

Then to see if 18s will work with sunsynk

18s will definitely not work with Sunsynk (as it only supports up to 60V on the battery bus).

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Yeah, most of us can vouch for Gerlach … and I know where he lives … and where his batteries and MLT’s are … :laughing:

Yeah, I agree with _a_a_a … don’t connect 18 cells.

Trick is:

  1. Can the BMS do it? Yes.
  2. Can the system do it? No. Victron can, hence me trying Phil’s idea.

Kan sien jy het verlief geraak op daai MLT’s van my :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

You must have some 2 sets of extra hands to get them out of the garage. :grin:

What I saw that day, the prices, the support … off-grid, I would seriously consider MLT.

If I wanted to go off-grid in the city, same.

That is IF MLT can back me as well as they back you IF there is a problem.

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You know who to msg on the group. :wink: So far i had really good serves from them.