Popcorn buttons

So has anybody popped popcorn in their popcorn-button microwave yet? I’ve added popcorn it to the shopping list but wife has not bought some yet…

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Mine works well. I think it only uses the moisture sensor, but I haven’t had any issues with it. That said, after looking at the ingredients of microwave popcorn I started to rather use a popcorn maker (and eat it without adding a tub of lard)…

Ugh didn’t realize the microwave popcorn is that bad. We usually eat the salted, not buttered though.

Havent’ bought a bag yet to try it.

This sidetracking has tickled me … adult males discovering the popcorn button, what! :rofl:

So I took a picture of ours … LOTS op options more than Popcorn.

All of them work … that is if one remembers to use them.

Hmmm, chicken breast in a micro. Sounds delightful, please try it and report back.

Airfryer has a chicken button too … fried vs cooked.
On the other hand, chicken breast may work better cooked than fried I presume?

Then again my mother uses the microwave for everything. She even bakes a cake in it.

My BIL can bake cakes/cheesecakes in an air fryer.

So it probably depends on how well one understands the tool and how to use it to its full potential.

for those not blessed with popcorn buttons or wanting to cut down (read eliminate) the added oil in either microwave popcorn bags or stove top/movie style popcorn makers - try this:



  • 3L oven safe casserole dish (something like “Pyrex”) - use it without the lid.
  • Perforated “splatter guard” as “lid” (cut off the extensions - btw, useful for those inclined to make pizza with pre-prepared frozen pizza/pizza bases but struggling to get a crispy base - just beware to support the bottom when moving pizza to/from the oven as the splatter guard is quite floppy).
  • 1/4 cup (60ml / 50gr) popcorn kernels (I get best results with “imbo” brand).
  • Microwave for about 4 minutes depending on Microwave output.
  • The glass casserole dish will be very hot so use oven mits to remove and decant into whatever container you want.

sometimes you might get that some popcorn does not move around while the kernels are popping and then develop a “hot spot” of popcorn that starts scorching - an upside down silicone muffin cup placed in the center of the casserole before adding the kernels seem to reduce this. Why silicone cup? → When you decant the popcorn the silicone cup does not break when falling into the intended container - a ceramic ramekin cup will first need to be removed. If making a second batch of popcorn very soon after the first, reduce microwave output and extend the time a bit (the glass retains a fair bit of heat and if whacking it on full power you will likely end up with half unpopped kernels and some scorched popcorn).

pro-tip: place a DRY cloth/trivet somewhere to put the casserole dish onto when removed from the microwave - even on a heat resistant top you will at some stage have missed a salt crystal that absorbed some moisture and when placing the hot casserole dish on this small drop of water you will be met with the joyous sound of the casserole dish cracking…

preview of next time’s instalment of microwave recipes for success:

how to make chocolate flavoured squash balls when trying to make muffins because you in the haste of youth ended up renting a place with no oven…


You don’t use +1 Min for everything?