Pole mount battery box

Anyone know where I can get a pole mounted battery box to house 1 or 2 12v 100ah batteries.

I see them on poles but cannot find any suppliers.

I used a standard exterior electrical box. just check the depth. Had my batteries and also my charge controller, etc. just added holes and some bracing inside for the extra weight. Bolted it into pole with coach screws and washers.

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I’m using M/steel enclosures for my setup. Check on Mantech site. Their price is really good.

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Have a look at Allbro’s enclosures.
They make plenty of these with their composite non corrosive plastics.
This one might suit you: Electrical Enclosure, Junction Box, DB Board, Plastic Enclosure, Transformer Equipment - Allbro

He needs to fit 2x 100ah batteries so maybe a bit small.

This seems a bit on the small size.

I would prefer plastic as a metal enclosure just seems like an oven on a hot day which can’t be good for batteries.

I’m trying out a smaller setup for now to just power the cameras but the fence energizer seems to have issues as well and it may be easier to just go with a small inverter and just power everything through AC.

for now I have a 12v 12ah lithium pack with a boost converter to get to 48v to power the cameras through a poe switch and another boost converter to get to 24v to power the fiber to Ethernet converter. And lastly a charger for the battery pack.

Allbro is a local manufacturer of enclosures. I don’t think they have any local competition. And their range is extensive.
Give them a call: Ph 011 8948341

Nemtek sell a stand and enclosure (which I believe can be electrified to avoid theft of equipment within)

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You can check on Scoop site for stuff to

I did that and apart from looking a bit hideous, it’s a weird design. A top opening lid is not the most convenient when carrying a fairly heavy battery up a pole.

The higher the pole, the more difficult to easily steel. But how the heck do you get a battery box up there in the first place and also access later for maintenance, especially if it’s a LA battery?

Yeah. That’s my point. A pole mount already makes it a challenge. A top opening just makes that a whole lot more difficult unless you have access to some sort of crane