Pilot light

I want to switch on a pilot light from my Quattro-II 48/5000/70 that lights up when the inverter is inverting, IOW during load shedding.

Is there an easier way than using an assistant? If not, would it be something like:

*) User primary programmable relay
*) Set relay on
*) When AC2 not available for 10 seconds

Download the “Victron toolkit” app to your phone.
This LED combo already exists.

This is not for at the device. I want to run a cable to a different room.

If you just want to know when the grid is down (i.e. Load shedding) then you can use a relay with a 230V coil powered by the grid. Use a normally closed contact to connect power to your light. When the grid is available the normally closed contact will be open and the light will be off. When the grid is not available the normally closed contact will close and the light will turn on. (Power to the light must obviously come from the inverter output otherwise it will not work)

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I’m curious. Why?

The answer could lead to myriad other ideas.

You would need a general flag assistant with 2 relay assistants. One to set the relay on and one to set the relay off.

You could also use the generator assistant with very simple settings. It’s nice since it includes everything and asks simple questions.


@mariusm , please help me here. If i look at the conditions that Stop/Start the gen in the Generator Assistant, There is no condition that monitors Ac failure. Its load, or battery condition related. Or am I missing something?

There isn’t a direct one, but I think I spotted a way to “convince” it. Let me find a Windows thing and I’ll come back…

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@JacoDeJongh You set conditions that are always true, but then say the generator isn’t needed when AC1 is available.

I just tested this and it works as expected:

There’s a caveat in that AC-Out-2 now directly follows AC1, so it turns off once AC1 is available. The window where the inverter synchronises after AC1 comes back but loads are still on the inverter is missed.

The physically wired relay option will have the same “problem”.

(Btw, you can run multiple generator assistants, just don’t set them to control the same relay.)

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That made me laugh. I have that same problem. If I need to do anything, I need to start a Windows virtual machine. And that means I need to make sure there is RAM for it, so it becomes this whole organisational issue… which means someone else can answer this question. I’m glad you did!

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Cool, thanks. I will try this.

I applied this to relay one on the GX using the generator stop / start function on the GX itself without adding assistants in the config file and it works.


Hi all
This is an old thread but I was wondering if anybody has seen a solution built using the Cerbo, a Raspberry Pi and WiFi to control a number of Smart pilot lights placed strategically through the house. The idea is to know at any time whether it is safe to use power hungry equipment (hair dryer, microwave, kettle, drill, etc).

Maybe the Sonoff NS-panel and some HomeAssistant trickery? There is a thread somewhere here where someone did that.

If you can address the pilot lights via wifi there may be a way to do it with Node-RED that can be run on the Cerbo using the large firmware. I am running it to send me a WhatsApp message when the power goes down or comes back and when my batteries reach certain discharge points.

Plonkster/GiroSA thank you for the feedback. I have not heard of the NODE-RED software yet. I will have a look.