Pi 3B+, ICC with APM for sale

Hi All

I also have a Pi (Buster) for sale with ICC and Advanced Power Management (APM) sonoff control app. PLUS cable for Pylontechs.

Latest registered version of both apps.

R2000 (onco/negotiable)


Morning Mark,

Just for interest sake, does that include the cable for connection to Pylons as well?

Sorry yes… will edit the post :wink:

Thanks for reminding me!

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Hi, so this is what one would need to better link the Axpert inverter with the Pylon batteries?

Yes the Console Cable. I have used it to monitor my PT3000 bank and post to PVOutput and EmonCMS.
Made by Diversified solutions.


Is this still available ?

Yes it is :wink:

Item is sold!