Password control of system

I have an issue with an installer having more control over my system than I do.

Most inverter companies have the settings password protected so an individual cannot make changes to the system or have remote access to making changes.

I belive this opens a whole can of worms re the legal liability associated with making changes to the parameters of the system.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

With Victron, I give my clients full access to all the settings, Victrons logs will show me what changes were made and when, so the risk remains with the client.

With something like the goodwe, I will also allow the owner full access, but he needs to accept the responsibility. With goodwe I cant log in remotely to check or change somethings. Its better if the owner can make changes himself.

On some of their literature available on their website, Goodwe now actually publishes the main password allowing users to set the inverter states and to make all changes.