Panel placement

Good evening.

Need help please.

Today i added 3 panels to my already 4 panels on one string. Pv1 so 7x 450w now. Graf shows result when it was 4 panels. Pictures added.
On Pv2 i have 10x 275w panels.

It would sem that than both strings are losing about 40% of what should yield that double more than the 20% standard loss.

My question is a friend of mine said I shoukd move up the 450w panels and plase the 275w on same side and just below the 450w.

Looking at my North facing roof what is the majority feeling please.

Please advice me

Strings on the south side in the southern hemisphere is not the best idea. The angle of the sun’s rays hitting the panels should be as close to 90 degrees to get the optimum power from the pv panels. You will see the reduced power effect the most in winter time when the angle of the sun is very low from the north. In summer you will see a much more overhead tragectory from the sun wich should not be too bad. But you need to ask if you need more power in the summer of winter time and then try and optimise your pv layout for that.

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My house has the same orientation to North. I also have my panels where you have the blue square which will give you great PV production in the mornings. I have a seperate array on what would be your short side of your roof which helps me with afternoon production.

I would suggest that if you can, move the green panels to the short side of your roof for best production.

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If you went landscape on the north side, won’t more than six fit on there?

Will nee to check.
Only have limited space and wanting to fit a second 5kw inverter to run 2 looks like i will be limited