Outdoor wall plug


I am busy installing an outdoor (waterproof) wall plug box for my water pump.

I am going to be connecting it to my inverter circuit. Can this be connected to a normal circuit breaker or do I need a main/isolator switch?

My pump is 0.75kw and it’s also connected to the Inverter circuit. I put a normal 16A circuit breaker, while on the main DB there is an earth leakage so I think that is important. Other than that, I would believe you don’t need an isolator switch as it’s usually small currents that are utilised.

I think requirements usually call for an isolator within arms reach of things like air conditioners and gate motors, so you may still need an isolator in the box close to the pump. But, the breaker in the main DB that feeds that circuit will have a breaker that protects the wiring (as always) and can be a normal single-pole.

Thanks all - will do that. The waterproof box has a 3 pin plug in it with a switch so guessing thats fine to isolate.

Perfect. As long if it’s breaker is correctly rated for the wire thickness and being a plug it should also have Earth leakage protection.

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Thanks Jaco. Yes its on earth leakage and wire has been spec’d for breaker.

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