Our own Indiana Jones of BMS's

The Indiana Jones of BMS’s, the Harrison Ford of coding, well done @Louisvdw The German Aussie even managed to not entirely butcher your name. :smiley:


Well done Louis!!


Yes I saw that and felt proud - congrats Louis. They even had a link to his driver on the documentation for the JK BM I bought.

:slight_smile: He almost got my name correct

He uses the GPS port on the JK BMS, some of the video comments seem to indicate that there is a better way to connect that BMS.
Is it correct that the JK BMS RS485 port cannot be used ( with any converter)?
And is it correct that a straight TTL to USB converter should be used from the GPS port?

And well-deserved recognition, by the way. Great work.

If you have the correct plug to fit that port, then just TTL to USB will work well. Just don’t connect the V+bat.
That black RS485 box from JKBMS converts the TTL to RS485 and also the V+bat to a more normal 5V.

But yes you don’t need RS485. And yes you always plug it into the GPS port.

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Hah. DVCC… who’d have thought. Yeah, cause the guy who came up with that was also a South African with a Dutch-sounding name… :slight_smile:

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With all these Dutch sounding names in South Africa one would almost assume a boat load of them landed there at some point in history, I guess we’ll never know :stuck_out_tongue:

Jan who?

Haha very cool!

Well done Louis!!! I’m sure that took lots of programming/coding etc.