OT: Looking for a builder/paver in Centurion area

I am currently looking for someone in the Centurion area who would be able to do paving for a 175 sqm driveway and garage area.

My original driveway and garage area needs a redo and I would rather use someone that comes highly recommended and not just Google for local builders.

Any one used a local builder and able to recommend them or that you know is reliable?

Bit of feedback, in case anyone else is also looking for a recommended builder in the Centurion area.

I went with a builder that my daughter recommended, after he did new burglar proofing at her house and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Asked for a quote and he arrived on time, we talked about what I wanted and I had my quote two days later.

They took about a week and a half to finalize breaking out my old cement driveway and leveling, compacting and laying the new paving. I also asked them to add two lengths of conduit underneath the driveway, for lights I want to install later and they did an additional 3 meter area in front of my gate, all without any additional charges.

All in all, very happy customer of the guys at https://www.cpbothmasteel.co.za/
(edit: no other interests in this company, except as a very satisfied customer)


Wow, that is an great improvement… well done…

Yes, definitely better than the old concrete driveway.

They also did the back portion and laid a new walkway back to the garage as well.