OpenServe fibre to "skipped" house

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Has anyone had success with connecting a “skipped” house to OpenServe fibre?

The previous owner of our house (in Somerset West) refused access to OpenServe to install fibre when they originally rolled out in the area. Now my house is one of two in the street that aren’t covered by OpenServe. This is shown on the coverage map and any ISP query I do says I’m not covered.

Anything I try gets me referred back to:

  1. Check coverage
  2. If not covered, fill in the form and if enough people, then we’ll roll out in your area.

Afrihost have tried to help me escalate, but I can’t seem to get through the front door.

Check who installed the fibre. My take on OpenServe is that being part of Telkom is they probably have got someone else to install…

The rollout was years ago. I don’t think they messed up or anything like that, I just want to get it installed now, but OpenServe / Telkom being as big as they are don’t seem to cater for that scenario at the moment.

But if someone has a contact that could help a lot.

Ask your neighbor to report a fault and see if you can get the contractor who comes out to help…
The must have mechanisms in place to do fibre repairs (and therefore extensions)

Not ideal but may work… :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

Depending on what your relationship is like with your neighbors you could install a short wireless point to point link between your house and theirs, share their fiber and the bill?

We’re new, so I doubt people will be too eager for that. They have no incentive and only complications.

Also, we both work from home, so it isn’t ideal for me either.

Wow. That is some kind of mess.

I wonder what they refused. Not sure how it would have worked, but they generally only dig up the road and driveways and lay the cable and close it up unless there’s already underground trunking available and from there it’s just a case of going to the boundary wall and then into the house, so it’s a bit strange that you’re showing not covered unless they refused digging up the driveway, sidewalk or something which means there’s no fibre in front of the house.

The only thing I can think of is to send an email to all ISP’s sales / fibre contacts explaining the situation. Hopefully one of them will have details for a service / installation manager in the area and try to help albeit most likely at your expense. I mean, the fibre is most likely right there, it’s just a case of getting it pulled to the house.

Afrihost is generally on the ball with that as I know that with my Vuma issues end of last year they escalated to the area’s service delivery manager. It’s obviously not an install, but still.

My biggest problem seems to be that the OpenServe people are simply not reading the emails :slight_smile:

Everything redirects back to the website every time I contact them.

If going left around the tree has an obstacle, try right. If the right has a problem, climb over the tree … or chop it down.

What am I saying!? Try Afrihost/Axxess as Fredhen also has suggested. :smile:
They both are “connected”. Pun intended.

It’s the same parent company if I am not mistaken. I tend to agree here. Afrihost is your best chance there. I’m with Vox, and I can tell you, I had the same experience there with a Fibre connection that had to be transferred. The previous homeowner cancelled too late… so every time someone looked at the issue, they would get to the point where they discover the line is already assigned to another active account… and then it would simply stop there. It took very close to the time for the notice period to expire before someone figured it out…

So OpenServe mailed me back, and said they understand, and my query has been assigned to the relevant department… :face_holding_back_tears: :sob:

Jokes aside though, seems like this might actually work…

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Best tip I can give, check if the main line runs in front of your yard outside. Grawe n gat en kap die lyn af!! ooooooppsss. I wanted to plant a tree there. That’s the quickest you will get them out because everyone is going to log a “no service” and they need to pull the line back and install new line. Then they can sort you out with a line.

OpenServe Complaints dept pitched here today, they’re mapping out a route that involved minimal digging.

So if anyone is in this boat in future, get your query to OpenServe Complaints, they’re the ones dealing with skipped houses.


Will they help if my town was skipped? :rofl:



And connected into a 20m roll on the side of the house. Now just waiting for the coverage website to update before I can order. \o/

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