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Im in the process of replacing my panels, because of winter production. Solar is a hobby and not a need. (keep telling myself that…)

So im looking for quote on panels and found these guys online.
Solar Lane | Affordable African Solar Panels

Did anybody buy from them before, or heard of them?
Prices is ok, but on the domain lookup, the website was registered on the 20 December 2023.
So before is do business with then, and pay, i just want to get my ducks in a row.

Share you prices and lets see if members can do better - 10 Dec 2023 seems a little “fresh” for my liking :wink:

It is very fresh… like my “oupa” always said. nog nat nuut, ruik nog soos hospitaal!!

There is 2 panels that im looking for.
Canadian Solar 550w - R2087.25
Ja solar 550w, R1992.38

The other guys is Solar and Inverter warehouse, price is R1850 for a Jinko Tiger panels.

Delevery to Strand, Western cape is R604 including. But that is his prices.

It looks like that is the going rate, but the age of the company is abit new. And because it was done on the 20 December…


Have not used them, and risk is obviously yours but

looks probably okay (seems to be start-up by fairly young “tech type people” - all apparently employed elsewhere).

There is indeed such a VAT number registered with SARS and corresponds with the company name (Check).

The company appears to be CIPC registered and have become active from about January 2023 and have had various domains (.co and linked to the solarlane name - which might explain the whois date/s → I see domain creation date of 20/12/2022).

At least some positive reviews on BOB

The google reviews don’t scream “fake / posted only by friends and family”.

Not fond of what appears to be “pay-as-you-go” phone numbers (but with number porting this is also not certain) and the residential complex address.