Old school battery charger

I must confess I can’t easily cite a cost effective solid state option…

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He’s claiming 90A at 12V. I’m sure this is possible with an alternator.
It might not be able to do this continuously however…

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I had the opportunity the other day, to get my dead at 2.xV starter battery to charge at 100A from the alternator at idle, as soon as the other charger could get the battery to start the car (12A charger). It ket at 100A for way ore than an hour and then started to taper.


Yes, an alternator will try to destroy itself to meet the demand. For this sort of application you either have to ensure that it is cooled adequately, or have a special regulator that will lower the field strength to try and maintain temperature.


I have a friend in the US that does micro hydros.
He gave up with alternators since they didn’t last with the constant load. It was more a mechanical issue than electrical however…