Old Multi not charging from grid / no grid code option

I recently installed an old Multi 48/5000 (not the Multi II). The firmware is 1959209 and apparently not upgradeable.

I have it connected to a Venus GX, MPPT and a Volta IifePo4 battery. It inverts fine and charges from my panels BUT isn’t charging from grid.

The Grid tab in VEConfigure has no options to select a country (there is no fields at all) and shows a message “External IP (NS) protection required”.

Anyone have any ideas?

It’s the old microprocessor (number starts with 19 instead of 26). It does not have enough RAM to run the newer firmware, and as a result a whole heap of options simply won’t be there.

I suspect the “External protection required” message is a red herring. Likely left behind by accident. There is no grid-code support in the old firmware. That is most likely not the reason it refuses to accept grid.

Those old Multis did have something called Virtual Switch. Maybe that is set up to ignore the grid. Other than that, I have no smart ideas.