Not Energy Specific but related - Ajax Alarms

Hi all…I have been a user of Ajax Alarm systems now for 2+years…these things are very clever and has many features etc, that if combined with a Smart home environment can add really good value.

I am not selling these, nor installing these systems…merely a user that thought to mention them here. Ukrainian made systems (Yes, they actually had to pack up their factory and move it to Poland I think when the war started).

Go check it out and comment…Happy to hear your experiences…

I also have an Ajax alarm system, and introduced it to many people. I just find that they don’t have the best features and are slow to develop additional feature. For example I cannot setup a door contact in reverse mode. I asked them and they said it will take a lot coding to get it done. lso no smart home integration and they won’t sell or release their API. Other than that I really love it is an amazing system can’t beat it.