Caveat I learned what I know of Node RED this weekend:

The following post has the exported JSON

OK, it doesn’t, it violates the number of characters for a post.
I will figure out another way.

Loadshedding (6.8 KB)

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Thanks! I’m going to give it a try,

I use a different node red lib that scrapes the Eskom website but their website is about as reliable as their power supply…

Your flow helped a lot to get me started thanks. I now set my minimum SOC automatically a few hours before load shedding starts depending on the load shedding duration.

Previously I set it on the stage reported by ESKOM - but that is not very reliable.

For anyone else, this flow requires the latest version of Node-RED. (V3)
This is bundled together with the latest Venus OS, but if you have a legacy version of Venus OS it won’t work. You’ll have to update it first or it won’t deploy properly.
This is because the flow makes use of the “link call” node which was only introduced in Node-Red V3.

The link call node is very cool. I can use it in several places to simplify things.

Is it possible to attach the flow that you have?

I’m looking for exactly this. Just something simple that does a check and increases the minimum SoC a couple of hours before it starts and switches it back afterwards.

Just to add. Apart from switching it on in Venus an hour or two ago I have zero experience with Node-RED. (10.1 KB)

There are two flows in there - one does the EskomSePush calls and cleanup.

The second use the data from that flow to set the SOC for load shedding.

This might help simplify your flow