Nice old 1970's find - RCA 40361's

While browsing through a local recycler, I picked up a crows nest of wires that was part of an old point to point electronic circuit, mainly for the two high quality variable resistors I saw in the mix of parts.

I recently had to replace a variable resistor on a 12v LED light and had to make do with a lower value resistor for the fix, so always looking out for more stock.

Started unsoldered the parts last night and made a rather nice discovery.

The nest contained three old pre-1970’s RCA 40361 TO-5 silicon transistors. :+1:
Quite handy for people restoring older electronic equipment.

I wonder how long this circuit was lying somewhere in a drawer, before it got thrown out.


I also had a collection of these kind of components. Eventually you have to ask yourself if you’ve used any and if not out they go… No collectors items as far as I’m aware :frowning:

I’m looking for an (old) FM portable. You can’t buy these now.
Let me know…
PS: I hope you guys still listen to the radio.

Well, these parts are a bit older than me, so will keep them around for a little bit longer. :rofl: