Nice little off-grid product

No affiliation and no idea of price, but I thought it a nice little product for off-gridders.
We are familiar with throttling PV inverters using frequency shifting so production marries consumption.

This little relay is geared up to turn on loads at higher frequencies raising consumption to match production.

It’s called a Catch Power solar relay, in case the link doesn’t work.

EDIT: Actually at AUS $ 357.50, they can keep it.

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I couldn’t even understand how it operates…

Aaah I’ve seen at least two of these products in the past. Some are even a bit smarter, they use a kind of PWM control to increase power proportional to the frequency.

I had one support case where it didn’t work properly. It was installed at a site where the PV was DC-coupled. Interestingly, you can still use frequency control even without AC-coupled PV, and it’s how you are instructed to install these with a Victron system. You install the PV-inverter assistant, and then you configure your solar chargers to charge a little higher than the Multi. The Multi sees the higher voltage and increases the frequency in order to throttle some non-existent PV-inverter. The higher frequency then controls the “hot water” switch. At this particular site, the solar offset specified in the manual of the device wasn’t enough to get a proper frequency shift…

No, this doesn’t with PWM, it drives are relay, with settable hysteresis and settable timers.
You can switch in whatever you want.
It has a host of other functions too, but that’s the one that interests me.

Although, this does sound interesting as well. My MPPTs ( Outbacks) have an inbuilt PWM output that can be used to siphon off high battery voltages.
Obviously being DC equipment there is no frequency functionality.
Can you still remember the name of these products?