New Victron Node-RED Feature: Eskomsepush API

Victron has developed a node to make it easier for South African users to incorporate the load shedding schedules into their flows.

Please test it and give us feedback.

The documentation is at node-red-contrib-eskomsepush (node) - Node-RED

Install the node using Manage pallet → Install → Search for Eskom.


Also, just so you guys know how big of an influence you have… this forum was a source of some of the info used in the implementation. When the question came up late one night (is there an API?), I could point my colleagues right here. You guys are awesome.


Hence the lack of “OMG I loaded this right away and it is awesome.”

Because here, we been havin’ it.

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Hahaha, yes for several months already

@warwickchapman , look carefully when Jomo calls the boss. The number he dials is “1”. A little hidden gem!

Hi guys, this is my very first post, brand new to the forum.

I just started tinkering with node red on my venus. I’ve been able to do some basic things, so I know the node red part works on the venus.

I then added the eskomsepush api into my program and got it registered with my area. I copied this example ( into my program.

Unfortunately there’s a bug somewhere, and I’m not exactly sure where to next. Please see the two attached screenshots. (error: “Request failed with status code 429”)

It would be great if someone could please give some advice?

I’ve had the same problem. It’s because you’ve used up your 50 API requests a day (you can also see that with the 1/50 under the node). It’s because entering your area does a search as you type which only happens when you enter the API key before entering your area. I eventually found it in the documentation:

If you don’t want to use API quota by searching, and you already know the id of the area, fill out the area first and then the license key.

In my case I just left it until 12am and then it resets and carries on as usual.

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Thank you. I waited another 2 days before the data suddenly came alive. Now I can start playing!

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Will this only report the current load shedding stage? If the stage is going to change from stage 4 to stage 6 at 4pm and we want to have our batteries ready how would that be done?

See another interesting contribution: GitHub - chultquist/node-red-smart-solar-control-loop: A smart control loop for Victron solar PV systems, run using Node-RED

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It gives the next stage as well…It depends on how you set it up.

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