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Hello.RyanG here, I am new to the forum and I see some old names that I saw posted on another well known Forum I used to be a member at (Sigh). We ( Our houses) have the Sunsynk 8kw about a month now. I am passionate about solar and will continue to learn and grow.


Welcome Ryan. Hope we could be of service. There is a bunch of well informed guys here that don’t mind sharing their knowledge.

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Hey Jaco, thank you, I see you live out at the far end of the country. Nice and hot there. Do you also install in PTA and JHB?

Just arrived home from a week in JHB, next week in Richard’s Bay, then one and halve weeks in Limpopo, then Pta for about 3 weeks. We are in Gauteng 2 to 3 weeks per month.

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What inverter do you specialize in? Or where do you have your most experience / Exposure ?

Mainly Victron, doing Sunsync, but only on very out of the ordinary cases… Goodwe as well.

And moving the odd Voltronic’s but only for existing clients.

Thank you for your reply, is your background a electrician? How did you get involved in solar installations?

Qualified as electrician in 1995. The rest is a long storie. First exposure to solar in 2007 to 2008, but not remotely the technology we use today, then again from 2015 and more seriously in 2016 till now.

Thats a long time, You spend a lot of time away from home!!! I admire your dedication. Do you do any selling? If you sell what are your products?

I sell basically anything you might need to complete and instalation. But out of principle, I do not sell Voltronic or equivalent inverters.

Thank you for your time. Maybe we will have a chat if I need some onsite help. We installed resonantly and not to much on UPS for now so we can learn. Its working pretty well. And our choice on Sunsynk for our needs was a really good buy. The feed back the the CT is delivering as promised. Will see how that effects the City Power electrical costs. They will probably knock on the door saying we are stealing electricity as how can we use from the >>>>>>>>>> to this >. My solarman is showing I use nothing in the day and some and night, And my Father is seeing the same.

Hi RyanG

I think I got out of that discussion before the ban hammer started dropping.

Good that there is another option out there like this forum.

@Achmat Hey there, Welcome, you probably know most of these guys being around for a while in Solar.

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