New member from Northern Cape

Hi guys.
Hope all of you are doing well.

I am new to the group.
Was also one of the Other group members but don’t like the vibe there :roll_eyes:

I started last year with my Solar system once I was fed-up with Eskom.

Currently running 5kw Kodak King
2 x 3000c Pylontech batt
9 x 330 JA Panels
Raspberry Pi running Solar Assistant

Having a blast reading through all the topics and like the idea that one doesn’t have to watch what you say about certain products :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers Jacques

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welcome, dont forget to share some pics of your install. Are you happy with your Kodak?

I will share.
Yes I am happy with the Kodak

I don’t have new photo of the current setup.
There is a vent at the top with fan extracting any hot air.
House is also cooled via the watercooler.

You better not say anything bad about our Victrons pappie, or else!

Welcome Jakes, good to have you here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hahaha. No No
Nothing wrong with Victron except the price. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
If I had the moola I would also install it.

you know the saying, buy once cry once… :laughing:

I love the Axpert/Mecer/Kodak inverters. First off, they aren’t complete crap (it’s a good design somewhat cheaply executed), but mostly, they often turn into future business for the more upmarket makers (when they fail, which they do). At that point the customer has become used to the luxury of having backup and he is willing to spend to keep it, while he also doesn’t want it to blow up again. The investment is also lower this time round, since he’s got a lot of the other stuff already. It is not unlike people who eventually sell the Ford Ranger and get a Hilux :slight_smile:

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There is an old saying, that the bitterness of poor quality (or the wrong product) remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten.

Since they are also made in India :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Welcome Jakes!
Coming from the Northern Cape (where is that??) I’m sure you have your feet on the ground!
Our regular members are way too busy trying to improve beta releases of Internet of Things gizmos…
Where are the Plug & Play manne :question:

Toyota = tata = Land Rover → you quite possibly just started the forum equivalent of thermal runaway on 4x4community :wink:

BTW, @Jakes, welcome. Ignore the hazing from the victron okes…many of them are in the western cape and just jealous of your likely winter PV generation compared to what they are likely to get :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Richard.
I am from Kathu.

Again, another reason I like our current membership so much. We have a sense of humour. I can make dumb jokes about cars and people take it with a smile.

My brother in law bought a Ranger. The entire family’s been taking every opportunity to mess with him about that… the fact of the matter is they are good vehicles, if you treat them right. Not to sound preachy, but that really is a fact of life, is it not? If you treat your stuff with care, they last. Every December I discover that when my family comes to visit. I can run a dish washer for years with everything staying pristine, my extended family arrives, jam a knife sideways into the cutlery rack, and breaks it. That was the previous year. This year a block of cheese dropped of a shelf in the refrigerator and broke one of the racks in the door… they are R1k a pop (thanks Bosch!).

Big block of cheese :wink:

900g block of cheese. Fell down onto the top of a milk bottle in the door, chipping out a small corner of the plastic where it latches onto the indents in the door, rendering the shelf useless.

I stuck a piece of PVC over it with PVC weld, but the wife has indicated that since we have now lost two shelves, it is time to replace them.

The wife always knows!!

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Strange, my Bosch fridge came with some plastic parts cracked. I saw the pricing on the system and was utterly surprised at how cheap the parts were. (Was at Hirschs)

Maybe you should buy the wife a 3D printer to print new shelves for her fridge.

Yeah. I swear I could have gotten another 2 years out of our aging Samsung dishwasher - and taking it in for a service once every three months wasn’t that bad but the wife said it was time to get a Bosch??!!